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- new pictures from 2002 / 2003 -

Santorini's cliffs (2): the wonderful wild cliffs below Fira

Below Fira town, lava flows and colorful tuff layers alternate on a spectacular 200-300 m high cliff. Most of the following pictures were taken on an exceptionally clear day in spring 2002.

Upper parts of Fira (Firostephani) seen from NW. Note the discordance of the dark lava flows (belonging to the Skaros shield volcano) which are draped against an older cliff surface, i.e. an older caldera, composed by brown and pink tuff layers. - Other photos: Fira's small harbour


Ruins of old pumice quarry structures and cliffs south of Fira Volcanic ash layers

Santorini's main harbour Athinios and cliffs of southern Thera

Athinios harbour Cliffs near Akrotiri
Red cliffs near Megalochori and ruin of pumic quarry.